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1, Astro Rake Tractor Single Brush Frame

Rake Brush fitted

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Rake Brush

1, Astro Rake Tractor Single Brush Frame

Price is £450.00 (plus £25.00 Postage and Packing)

A hard working brush which can get deep into the pile of a sand based or rubber crumb pitch, lifting the infill up to the surface and decompacting it, leaving a great playing surface. Regular synthetic pitch maintenance does not need to be complex or costly, but it does need to be consistent to be effective. This Astro Single frame comes with a 6ft wide rake brush. A single row of strong ploypropylene tufts supported by a rear anti-flex plate. This prevents the bristles bending and allows the brush to get deep into the pile. The anti-flex plate can be adjusted up or down to give a little more flex in the brush. The frame is supplied complete and delivered by uk pallet delivery. The video below shows the frame in use on a sand based pitch , it is also very good on rubber crumb pitches.

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